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Learn your Light Levels

Defining how much light you have in the first place is quite tricky because human eyes are really terrible light meters. To prove this, get a free light meter app on your phone, that uses your phone camera.

If you hold that up against a glass window pane and then move it 1 meter into the room, you'll notice that the light level can be more than half. If you then move it 2 meters into your room, it can be half again! The light levels look really similar to your eyes, but from a plant's perspective, they are very, very different.

Not all windows get the same amount of sunlight, the key factor that really determines that is the position your windows are facing.

A South-facing window sill has the largest amount of light, and a North facing window has the least amount of light. East and West are kind of roughly in between those.


Full Sun

Cacti and succulents are the perfect plants to go right up against a window. Particularly a South-facing one. They are the only plants that can really handle bright amounts of light, lots of heat and also low water levels. And on that South facing window sill is the perfect spot for them.

House Plant

Bright Indirect Sun

The vast majority of house plants are species from the floors of rainforests, where they have bright but filtered light. Those are the conditions found in most average rooms in your home. The vast majority of plants need to be between one and two meters away from a window.

Tropical House Plant


Any spot that's two meters or more into your room, is a north facing window, is a small window or there are trees or buildings blocking the light outside, you're going to really struggle to grow plants. There is a limited number of plants you can get away with growing well but not impossible!

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