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There is no such thing as too many plants...Right?

Nestled in the heart of Tavistock, surrounded by the breathtaking views of the Dartmoor countryside, reside two ladies who are quite frankly bonkers about houseplants. Our love of houseplants has grown from a little hobby and small saplings to now a fully-grown business and shop,
The Inside Garden.
We may not be supplying the Chelsea Flower Show just yet…but it fills our hearts with pride to finally be able to provide other plant lovers with the house plants we have grown to love.

Between us, we have tried, tested, and only sometimes not successfully, grown a large variety of indoor plants. 

Our goal is to supply you easy to grow house plants that will not only bring you joy but happiness and better health. 

So come to our little jungle oasis and immerse yourself among the beautiful foliage.

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